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    The company Bony-Co from Leskovac is founded in 1992 as a continuation of the family - run tradition in metal processing industry dating back to 1919. Back in 1919 the production was concentrated on products made out of wrought iron, and mostly for artistic purposes. Since 1992, the primary production activity then shifted to making products, process equipment and inventory out of stainless steel (so called INOX) for the purpose of hospitality and tourism industry (HORECA), construction industry, and overall for interior and exterior purposes in various production branches.

    The company Bony-Co nowadays stands for the quality, professional service and persistence in stainless steel–based production and processing industry, and as the evidence for that presents more than 400 different serial products independently made in its own production. The focus on product quality and customer’s satisfaction is first and foremost, for which the products and production process meet the highest environmental and social standards in the medical as well as in the HORECA industrie. Obtaining such necessary Certificates and ISO 9001/2008 the company Bony-Co proves its orientation towards products quality, health conformity and utmost customer satisfaction met through constant product quality. The continuous success of the company is made possible due to modern production technologies and process organization, in addition to the skilled workforce that continuously advances its skills and employs the latest world trends and practices in stainless steel - based processing industry. As such, Bony-Co is set on the path of future success and leadership in its branch.